Flush Mounting an Irregular Baffle

3 simple steps:

Tools required:  Router, 1/4" spiral bit, and 3/4" bushings:

1) Pass router around driver plate using 1/4" bit to make template #1

2) Pass router inside first template using 1/4" bit to create template #2

3) Attach 3/4" bushing and pass router inside template #2 and voila, perfect recessed baffle!

Right image:  Template #1 (top), Template #2 (middle), recessed baffle (bottom); Left image: Tools required

Step 1: Screw down driver plate onto scrap MDF (this is template #1) large enough for the router base to go around the parameter of the driver plate. Firmly clamp down everything onto the work bench. With 1/4" spiral bit, firmly route against the driver plate a few times until it completely cuts through the MDF.  It's imperative to always keep the router base firmly pressed against the driver plate at all times until it completely cuts through template #1. An extra scrap piece of MDF must be placed under template #1 to prevent unwanted table top damage. :-) Making template #1 is the most critical part.  Everything else will be a breeze!

Step 2:  With 1/4" spiral bit, use template #1 to make template #2.  Pass router several times around the inside of template #1 until it completely cuts through.

Step 3:  As you can see, template #2 is exactly 1/4" wide around the parameter of the driver plate.  Attach the 3/4" bushing and use template #2 to create the actual recessed baffle.  The depth and hole required is dependant on the specifications of the speaker driver.  Be aware that template #2 is 1/4" wider around the parameter of the driver plate and adjust location accordingly on actual speaker baffle to route.

As you can see, I penciled in the parameter of template #2 on the actual speaker baffle to make sure everything is aligned properly.

There you have it.  This method can be applied to basically any flush mounting application imaginable including circular speaker drivers for those who do not wish to fork out $80CDN for a Jasper Jig.

Email:  j.yeung8364@rogers.com if you have any questions and comments.

Okay... Just had to toss this in. I learned a lot from buildings speakers!

This is my uncle's basement.  I pretty much did ALL the work!  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take a picture with all the trimmings along the floor and closets (my uncle filled everything up with furniture and 52" rear projection TV).